Our practice in Phoenix has specialized in the treatment of difficult and complex autoimmune cases in children for almost two decades. One reason that people come here is our willingness to adapt the cdc recommended vaccination protocol.

As per cdc and vaccine manufacturer recommendations we factor in the child’s health history and well as the family health history to make sure we are providing complete vaccination coverage in the manner and schedule that is most beneficial for the patient.

Our goal is to do everything needed to have highly sensitive (ie. autistic and allergic) patients tolerate the vaccinations required. Do do this we employ a complex protocol involving heavy metal chelating agents to remove the preservative metals from the system as effectively and quickly after vaccination as possible. We do not discuss our protocol in depth here because we have seen when others have done it essential steps have been left out of the process.

Physicians often train with Dr. Nenninger for this reasons and you are welcome (patients and providers) to reach out and arrange observation and training. This office has been providing this service in Phoenix for over two decades and there are simply fine details that need to be observed.

This practice is centrally located in Phoenix, Arizona in order to be able to provide service to clients on both the East and West coast.