The Poo Circulation System

The Poo Circulation System

Outside of our circulatory system there is another circulatory system. In fact this circulatory system is outside of our bodies to a large extent. This is the flora circulatory system, also known as the poo cycle.

First we have to remember that human beings come ancestrally from tribes of about 150 people in size that are in constant close physical, mental and emotional contact. Shared communal bedding, food and bowls and spoons and drinking bowls and every other kind of touching, face pointing, coughing, sneezing, etc...a shared microbial ecosystem also where people have and share the same bacteria.

Because the was long before the existence of a hot soapy shower you can also imagine that the human beings there were in contact were virtual valleys of bacteria and other life forms. All in constant close intimate contact. Human beings lived in a constant state of exposure to not only surface bacteria but to the bacteria in our intestines. Native cultures do not have toilets, soap, running water, and all the things we use to get the bacteria from using that bathroom off of our hands and bodies. Because of this the members of any one tribe would have an overall stable bacterial ecosystem.

Now modern society and modern hygiene cut us off from our tribes and from the flora ecosystem that used to surround our bodies internally and externally. Our lack of exposure to the “poo cloud” can allow our bacteria to take off in it’s own direction without the stability created by the diversity offered by our tribe. This means sometimes your body will not be able to find the bacteria that it may need to stabilize after and infection or after some other disturbance of the normal flora.

By disconnecting from the circulation system that stabilizes our system , we create a highly vulnerable situation for our bodies. To recover our health in these situations we need to reconnect ourself to the circle of flora in our environment. One way to do this is a digestive flora transfer, (DFT), also known in practice as a poo cap, (poo cap). For a person struggling with their health what reintroducing flora can do is amazing.  Conventionally this can be called a fecal stool transplant, but I think digestive flora transfer is more accurate.

I say flora and not just bacteria because the truth is that we don't know what we are giving when we give poo caps. Yes of course there is flora as in bacteria, but there is also most likely bacteria phages which are viruses that infect bacteria. Additionally we don’t even know what other life forms exist in our intestines. Studying the DNA that exists in our intestine shows us that 70% of the dna that is tested does not show a relationship to any know organism.

Of course we all know that probiotics can work as a bacteria replacement in some cases. You can search for any product that serves as a probiotic and showed how it cures someone of something. I just don’t find with the complicated cases I work with that a probiotic that has a few strains of bacteria. Poo contains thousands of bacteria among the other organisms we discussed.

This therapy has been used for dysentery centuries ago in chinese medicine. As recently as world war II it was known on both sides that were fighting in the desert that camel dung was a cure known to the native peoples of that area. In that last few decades we see more mentions of the use of stool transfer, fecal stool transplant, and the like. But it is always costly and complicated. I remember in my own medical school classes the professor brought us the subject but in a very off handed manner. The way it was discussed I thought that it somehow involved the injection of stool via needle into the colon. Don’t ask me why I thought that but that assumption that I made closed my mind for two decades to the procedure.

This year I was forced by a difficult case to delve deeply into what exactly could be done to reestablish flora balance when all else had failed. After months of study it became clear to me that both I and the entire medical field were making a mountain out of a mole hill. There is no need for thousands of dollars spent on injecting poo with colonoscopy. There is no need for thousands of dollars spent on isolating the bacteria from a normal stool and giving that as a supplement. We have around us in our friends, family and other loved ones, healthy people, with healthy poo and a stable internal flora that can help us heal.

In my practice I don’t prescribe this therapy, (it is only approved for research in hospital acquired infections), but I will let people know about about it and make their own decisions. I have seen people use digestive flora transfer for everything from the obvious colitis and crohn’s disease, to even conditions like pneumonia, acne and weight loss. Sometimes the results are remarkable.

So let me tell you what I have seen work, with the caveat that I am not recommending this to anyone, you should work with your health care provider, and if you get sick or die it’s not my fault. Basically if you want to take the full responsibility to do something like this yourself than you have to be solely responsible. If you don’t want this than seek out experienced help and advice and support. Ok enough of that.

With all of the research I have done I have found that nothing works substantially better than poo caps. You know how all the bacteria you have in your intestines got there in the first place? Through you mouth. If it was good enough for you when you were a nursing infant is is good enough for you now. Your digestive tract is really good at filtering, allowing and excluding things that it does not want. So if you are going to repopulate your intestines it may as well be orally.

To make poo caps you take a capsule and put poo in it and then put it in the freezer. From Amazon you can order Now Foods “O” caps and “OOO” caps from Herb Affair. Then I order the acid resistant “OO” caps from “Capsuline Clear Vegetarian Acid Resistant Enteric Empty Capsules Size 00”. So now you have three sizes of capsules that you can use to make the poo caps. Now you need the syringes that you will fill the capsules with. The syringes you use are known as jello syringes. I order a large 2.5oz and a medium 1oz. You want to use fresh poo and put it in to the large syringe, into the medium syringe, then you transfer into the small capsule, and then into the medium capsule, and then into the large capsule. We make them ten at a time and then transfer into a small ziplock bag and right into the freezer. I am a big fan of always starting things slowly and working up, so many people start their digestive flora transfer with one capsule with meals.

Of course one of the hard parts with this can be either embarrassment or resistance on the part of the patient or the donor. As one of my favorite moms said when she was doing the poo caps, “the desperate can’t be dainty”. And I really understand that, having been desperate in my life. If you have been blessed with an immune system that does not attack your own body I can completely see how you can afford to turn your nose up at a therapy like poo caps and say how you would never do that. That is great for you. If I have a mom in my office whose daughter has done all the conventional options for colitis I also hope that you can see that not everyone is so quick to have a knee jerk reaction in opposition to the therapy. If a child has done prednisone, asacol, and now is failing even the highly risky immune suppressive therapies like remecaide and humeria, then I respect a persons willingness to do whatever it takes to avoid possible surgery for their child. If your donor is nervous just remind them that it is poo we are talking about, not nuclear poo-tonium.

So the take home point is this, in our culture we have not only take ourselves away from the emotional and physical contact of the original tribal and communal lifestyle, we have isolated ourselves from the living tribal, shared microbiome. Our body does not do any better isolated from bacteria than our emotions do when we are isolated from other people. If this bacterial isolation could be playing a role in your disease than there is an effective alternative approach if drug therapy has run its course or is too risky. It simply involves harvesting poo and putting it in capsules and then freezing it and taking it. As an aside this poo does not need to be from an organic, unvaccinated, wild roaming, vegetarian free range human. In other words we are not looking for the dali lama’s poo. We just need a person that is able to manage all of the variables in this society with normal bowel movements. In fact my favorite is when a patient hesitating tells me they have a donor and it’s a son or a daughter but they, “eat gluten, eat eggs, drink dons of milk, eat fast food, and still digest perfectly”. That is my perfect donor. We want the person with the bacteria that is best adopted to managing our current environment without creating symptoms.

So i wanted you to have this information before something happened that caused you to need it. They recently did a study of c-diff patients (c-diff is a horrendous hospital acquired infection) and found that 13 of 15 were cured with poo caps. A lot of old timers get this, so this could be helpful in the future. Yes I guess you could get hepatitis, aids, anthrax or ebola from someone’s poo. So consider all of the variables, if you die I take no responsibility. That being said, there are some cases that ask what else they could do besides poo caps to recover their health and the experience for me is exactly like a dehydrated patient asking what they can do besides drink water to get rehydrated. I guess there are things to rehydrate but we have to do quite a contortion to justify the recommendation. In the same way I can find a probiotic that may help, that is going to have maybe five or ten of the healthy bacteria out of the thousands that that healthy poo has among its other constituents.

It may turn out that a lot of our inability to recover from chronic disease or our inability to recover from acute disease is simply because we are cut off from the poo circulation system of our tribe, and if you are too desperate to be dainty, I wanted you to know about poo caps and give you a therapy that I have seen used effectively.