Why am I sick if I eat so well?

Why am I sick if I eat so well?


There is a reason that your new diet doesn’t work.  It’s not your diet.  If you are symptom free and in perfect health than you don’t need to read this article, it is not for you.  However if you are experiencing symptoms than you diet is creating all or some of the problem.


Keep in mind that the body is always trying to restore balance, that is what it does so well.  When we run and we get out of breath, that is the body trying to restore balance.  When we work hard and then feel tired then that is the both trying to restore balance.  It is like a ball at the top of a hill, it wants to roll down to a more balanced and stable position.


If you body is not doing this then something is working against your body.  A food that you are eating is the most likely culprit.  Please keep in mind that this is being said by a guy that did not do any testing for food allergies for his first 15 years of practice.  This is because the only testing available at that time was testing for immediate food allergens.  I found the testing for these foods pretty pointless since you would see the reaction right after the food and easily make the association.  Really, if shrimp gives you a rash you don’t eat shrimp.


So I continued to practice but there were cases that always seemed to loose ground and backslide even after we seemed to have things corrected.  This lead me to research other reactions that we can have to foods that are not immediate.  I first uncovered delayed food allergies.  It turns out that there is a part of our immune system that can react to foods up to 30 days after being exposed to the food.  So because of this time delay it is difficult if not impossible to associate the food with the symptom.  About a decade ago we began test and developing that process that would allow to test for these allergens.  When we finalized the process about five years ago and began to use the results it revolutionized the treatment of difficult cases.


These changes were not because I am particularly smart, in fact I always wish that I was able to figure out more of the difficult cases that come to me.  That changes in my practice were probably due more to my weakness of being easily frustrated and hating that feeling.  I have the mixed blessing of living in the town in which I was raised and the true blessing of treating most every neighbor.  I like the feeling of someone coming up to me and telling me how good they are doing and I dread anything short of that.


So all of this is a lead in to saying that I really feel that if practitioners are not testing for delayed food allergens they are practicing in the dark ages.  I don’t know how a doctor can change a person’s diet without first making sure the changes are not going to make them worse.  A simple example of this is a doctor recommending a blood type diet for a person with blood type A.  Eggs are usually a good source of protein for blood type A, however if a person with blood type A has a delayed allergy to eggs and then eats eggs they greatly increase their risk of cancer.


And yet how many times to I see that a person has been put on some diet or put themselves on some diet that increases or causes disease.  A good example of this is two sisters that came in.  The one sister did testing for delayed allergens for arthritis and came back very high in wheat.  Against my advice the other sister went on a wheat free diet also for her high blood pressure.  Well her blood pressure went way up, so then shedecided to get tested.  We found strong allergies to milk and eggs and none to wheat.  So be decreasing her wheat she had increased milk and eggs and increased her problems.  Luckily this was something that could be corrected.  Not every sister is so lucky.  I had to lovely sisters come in a few years ago, and the one we were working with tested positive to eggs.  Because I was still learning about the test and what to expect I told the sister to get tested but did not insist.  I let her get away with it because she had some excuse at the time.  Well they just came in and the one we should have tested years ago just got diagnosed with breast cancer, unfortunately a very aggressive form.  Her test showed two very strong allergens.  Could this have been prevented by eliminating her allergens a few years ago?  I am absolutely convinced that it could have been.


So powerful are the effects that the wrong foods and have on us.  And the food that is right for us may be complete poison for another person.  Let’s face it in the field of natural medicine there are some very esoteric (also known as stupid) diets.  I think that to every change a person’s diet without testing their delayed allergens is very irresponsible.


I think most people that provide a service probably feel the same way that I do.  You want people to be satisfied and pleased by their investment of time, effort and money.  If a Landscape artist plants a tree they want it to grow and bloom.  A person helping you invest your money wants to guide you to investments that grow.  If all works out well they feel happy and if not they may feel frustrated or embarrassed that their advice did not pan out.  And yet these are just things in the end.  If a tree dies you can plant a new one, if you loose some money one day you can make it back the next day.


When it comes to health it is not something you have, it is something that you are.  Without health you can not fully be yourself.  If you want to run and play with your kids but you can’t because your body is inflamed, or you are suffering with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, irritability these are not things you have, these are things you are.  So I spend my time with cases that may never get fixed if I don’t fix them.  This is what drives me.  What do I need to know to help the next kid that comes into my door.


So when you are sitting there next time and I tell you to get tested it is not for my amusement.  It is because after many years and many patients I know that this information can make the difference between health and disease, and literally between life and death.