Health, sickness and freedom.

I think the best definition of health that I know of is freedom.  At least that is the way that I best understand it in term of my own health.  When I think about my own colitis in my past the experience was the opposite of freedom.  Every decision that I made from the time my symptoms started had to include that status of my digestion.


Very simply I needed to make sure that I would have the availability of a bathroom if I needed it.     Throughout the years I was more exhausted by my symptoms than by any of my studies or by any work that I did.


Very simply my condition was the opposite of freedom.  My symptoms were a prison that prevented me from doing what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it.  Of course I leafed lessons about myself and life, by I think the truth is that those lessons were lessons that are most helpful to a sick person.


I see that a lot of healthy people in my life have not needed to learn these lessons and have done just fine.  Lessons on the limits of what I can do and how I can do it, and when I can do it when I was sick, are only useful as a sick person, and as a sick person.


For myself I think that means admitting to myself that ideally the lessons that I have learned is the process of getting sick, being sick and getting better will be less and less useful.  Lessons learned being a sick person should not be useful to a well person.  This means that being sick is a waste of time in some sense, just like being in prison would be a waste of time.  You may want to take a philosophical approach to a situation like sickness just as one could take a philosophical approach to prison.


I think that people that talk about the lessons learned through sickness are those that place value of suffering.  Often it is those people, and even myself, when I felt that there would be no solution to my health problems.  Sure, in that case if there is nothing that can be done to get better then it makes sense to think of the best things that you can learn from being sick.


Even those that would argue that sickness or suffering is a benefit would quickly take a solution if they believed that it would solve there own health problem.  Whether the solution was a drug or a herb or a vitamin or a homeopathic.  If a person wants to suffer I am not someone that would get in their way.  Having been very sick in the past for years then I am going to say that being sick is a waste of time, effort and energy.


The only think you need to know about being sick is that you are sick.  Once you know that, then your job is to solve the problem that being sick presents.  Over the last 20 years I really feel that the chances of going from being sick to being well have increased greatly.


Remember the body is really designed to restore balance.  Not only that but it is really good at restoring balance if given a chance.  Any illness can be described as a state of imbalance.  If we think of the body trying to get back to balance, then the first goal is to try and figure out what is keeping the body out of balance.


I think the first thing to do to find out what is keeping the body off balance is to test for food allergens.  Remember if the body has an allergic reaction to a food then that is means the body is treating that food as if it is a bacteria or a virus.  As long as you keep eating a food allergen you will be keeping the body out of balance. 


There are three ways that the body can react to a food that it thinks of as a bacteria or virus.  The first way is the IgE allergic response.  This is the immediate reaction to foods, and usually occur within a few hours.  The next system that is activated when the body is trying to defend itself is the IgA.  The IgA may take up to a week to show signs.  The last system that is activated is the IgG.  The interesting thing about IgG is that a reaction in this part of the immune system may take up to a month to show up.


Because some of the take so long to show up, this is why I call them the hidden food allergens.  By hidden I mean that it is not likely that a person would be able to figure out that one particular food is causing a reaction that is keeping them sick by creating an inflammatory reaction.  I am so glad that we can finally test and find these hidden reasons for our sickness.