Childhood Colitis Letter 4 29 2013

Having been raised with conventional medicine myself, I know that it is not always the most comfortable choice to look for alternative answers for our own health problems or those of our loved ones.

Any yet comfortable or not, sometimes we are forced to see when one approach is not working, and to look for answers outside of the familiar. This is especially hard and courageous when it is for a child. I recognize that, and appreciate any parent that is willing to do what is best for their child.

So, of the many letters I am lucky enough to get, I wanted to share this one from a very brave mom who has created a different future for her daughter.

Testing for hidden food allergens in one of the choices that this mom made for her adorable daughter.


Dear Dr. Steve,

This is a letter to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for my daughter Taylor.  With your help I have been giving my little girl back!  

I am so grateful that you were highly recommended to us and came into our lives.  To be completely honest before coming to you I never once turned to Homeopathic Medicine, it was always Conventional Medicine because that’s what I grew up knowing.

  When I was told about you and your practice I was told to trust you and be patient, and that’s what I did and I am so happy for that.   

When Taylor was sick I would start to get anxiety/panic attacks from all the doctors and what they were telling me was going to happen to my daughter and from everything they were doing to her.  

Then I came to see you and all that anxiety just went away, you have this calming and reassuring persona that I knew everything would be ok and you would help heal my daughter.   

I am happy to report that Taylor has been off of Prednisone 100% for 3 months now, (January 15th was her last dose).  By keeping her Dairy Free her Ulcerative Colitis is under control thanks to you.  

It was an adjustment at first for all of us, but we have adapted very well.  At the age of 4, every time she is given something to eat by someone she knows to ask does that have milk, because if it does I can’t have it!  

The picture that I have attached is a side by side of Taylor from Christmas time and from Easter.  So once again thank you, thank you, thank you!  You truly are an amazing doctor and person!