High Blood Pressure and Hidden Food Allergies

High Blood Pressure and Hidden Food Allergies


High blood pressure is a disease that affects many people.  This is one of those disease where the conventional, pharmaceutical drug treatment is as bad or sometimes worse than the disease.  Of course this does not mean that this disease can go untreated.


The kidneys are an organ that is made up of a network of very tiny tubes.  When the system is under pressure these tubes can become flattened, twisted or  just damaged in  some other way.  Drugs are the main way this is treated in conventional medicine.


These blood pressure medicines have a lot of side effects.  Recent studies have suggested a link between blood pressure medication and cancer.  This was also an observation that I had made in the years that I have been seeing patients.


I saw how the conventional drugs affected my own mother.  She was diagnosed with high blood pressure while I was in naturopathic medical school.  Throughout the years I tried all the tools in my natural medicine bag of tricks, and nothing worked well for her.  If you mention and herb, a supplement or a homeopathic medicine, I tried it.  None of it worked well and eventually she had to go on the conventional drugs for her symptoms.  She had all of the drug side effects and even developed cancer eventually.


When a new testing for hidden food allergens came out a few years ago she was one of the first people that I tested.  Surprisingly for both of us she came back highly allergic to eggs.  This is not the regular kind of allergy that would show itself with a rash or another physical symptom right away.  This was a hidden food allergy that can be present without any obvious, physical symptoms that you would see from the outside.  Hidden allergies last 2 to 20 days.  So she removed all eggs from her diet.


Two weeks later we tested my mom’s blood pressure and it was completely normal for the first time in 20 years.  With the consent and help of her wonderful medical doctor we decreased that amount of medication slowly and within a month she was completely drug free with a normal blood pressure.  She continues well to this day.


So how can as hidden food allergy create such a severe illness?  The reason is that this  allergic reaction lasts a long time.  The hidden food allergens create a reaction that can last weeks.  A little bit of reaction that lasts a long time can be very destructive.  If this reaction continues for weeks, months and years it has the ability to create symptoms that eventually become diseases.  This does not mean that it is always the cause for disease, of course.  It does mean that we should check to see if a hidden food allergy is causing the problem.  Removing the food in this case can create miracles.


Food allergens create high blood pressure by making the body respond to stress.  The stress of consuming an food that you are allergic to is created because the body thinks it is facing an infection.  Having an allergy is another way of saying that the body is attacking a food like it was a bacteria or a virus.  The reason we make antibodies is to defend ourselves from infection.  So when a test for hidden food allergies shows a positive reaction,  we know that the body is treating that food like a bacteria or virus.


The bodies response to eating an allergen is not that different than if you were facing a physical attacker.  The body releases the fight or flight hormones from an organ that sits on top of the kidneys called the adrenal glands.  This system was designed to be used by our body rarely, and in times of extreme danger.  However when an allergen is present this danger response system is always on.  When the adrenal glands are used in the way, they become drained and begin to function poorly.


This important because the state of our adrenal system has a strong influence on high blood pressure.  When are adrenal system is depleted in can become unbalance and over active.  Just like a person standing on one foot is more likely to fall on one side or the other.  A low functioning adrenal system can cause spikes in blood pressure and chronic high blood pressure.  Removing hidden (delayed) food allergen can be a big step to correcting high blood pressure.