The Search For the Magic Pill

The Search For the Magic Pill


In the years I have in naturopathic medical practice I have seen many trends come and go in both natural medicine and in conventional medicines.  I have seen many miracle drugs be introduced with all kinds of promise, only to have the side effects be worse than the disease.


I have also seen this in natural medicine, and been a part of it.  A new nutrient or herb comes out and we get all excited and try it with everyone.  Few see any improvements with this new therapy.  This new natural treatment may not have the bad side effects that are seen in are seen with drugs.  However, it is still a waste of time, money and energy on both the part of the patient and the doctor.


It is so frustrating trying to solve cases by throwing drugs or natural medicines at it.  So a few years ago I really began to focus on testing.  I was looking for tests that would give me information that I didn’t have.  Not the same old testing that is done on every patient in conventional medicine.  Not the same testing that shows everything to be normal while the patient gets sick and stays chronically ill in spite of normal testing.


I wanted test that could tell me what was really wrong with a person.  What was really keeping them sick.  People with most chronic diseases still are able to heal when they get a cut on there skin.  So why wasn’t this healing energy correcting their chronic disease.  If a person didn’t have the vitamin or mineral to heal a cut then I get that their illness would be chronic.  But if they are healing then why was that not being used to correct colitis, Crohn’s, chronic fatigue, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or the many other conditions that come into the office.


The first breakthrough in testing for me came with the development of testing for hidden food allergens.  It made sense for the colitis and Crohn’s patients that they could be keeping their inflammation going by eating foods that their body was attacking.  When you eat your foods that you are making antibodies to, then that means your body has made the mistake of treating that food like a bacteria or a virus.


Recent research has shown that this hidden food allergy reaction can peak and create symptoms up to 20 days after the food is eaten.  This means there can be a reaction or a symptom two weeks after a person is exposed to the food allergen.  In my experience it is very difficult to figure out that you are reacting to a food any other way than to test.


For years I thought that a food could be the unseen problem in many of the cases I work with.  The ways that we tried to fix this food problem were just too difficult.  We either had to avoid  many different possible foods, or do complicated diet diaries.  Neither approach was very practical for one person, not to mention the problems if there were kids involved that needed their diet altered also.


The testing for hidden food allergies changed all of this for me in my practice.  With the new testing we could see which foods we were making antibodies to.  The body only creates antibodies when we are fighting an infection.  Since we could now see which foods that body was making antibodies to that meant we could see which foods the body was treating as if they were infections.


If you can imagine any infection you have had then it is easy to recall the symptoms.  Just imagine your last flu.  The fatigue, difficulty thinking, joint or other body pains.  Digestive symptoms and respiratory symptoms.  The body creates all of these symptoms through antibodies that signal the immune system.


There is no difference between the signals that the body gets from flu antibodies and the signals that it gets from food antibodies that it is making to foods.  This information allowed me to stop guessing which foods were a problem.  It allowed to tell a patient specifically which food that their body was reacting to.  Not based on experience or guesswork but on actual measurements.


Though this is not the “magic pill” yet.  It is amazing information that benefits over 90% of the people that take the test.  At least knowing which food are harming you gives us time to find other answers.