Don't Guess with Food Allergies

Are You Allergic To Eggs?


Lost in the intense increase in gluten awareness is that there are other foods that can be just as bad.  Only IgG food allergen testing can let you know if other foods are a problem for you.


Avoiding gluten may only be a part of your health story.  It is important to remove all foods that are creating immune reactions in the body if you are really going to cure disease and prevent illness.


Only in the last 3 years do we have the ability to test for many foods at once for a reasonable price.  The test is a simple finger stick placed on lab paper.  This lab paper is then sent to California and 96 of the most common food allergies are tested.


The food panel used by this lab is unique to my practice because the foods selected were based on 20 years of treating patients and seeing foods be such a major part of their ill health.


I recently had a 35 year old woman in the office with colon cancer.  This was a fate that she had hoped to avoid.  Her father had the same problem and was diagnosed with celiac disease / gluten sensitivity.


Egg allergy is the number one allergy for cancer.  So it is very important that a person with a known problem with gluten get the hidden allergy test panel.  Unlike any other test for problems with foods, the IgG (hidden food allergy test) shows the foods that your body is actually having a problem with.


It was only a few years ago that the science was developed that allows us to do this testing in the office or at home.  I had wanted this especially because many of the kids that I work with have been through such invasive testing already.


Three years ago we finalized the 96 food allergen panel that we use for our test.  The foods selected for the test were the ones that I have seen be most likely to case IgG food allergies.  


IgG food allergies are important because these are the delayed reactions to foods.  We used to think that the reaction to IgG food allergens took place from two to ten days after eating the food.  Now we know that the actual reaction takes place from 2 to 20 days after eating the foods.


This means that you may have a reaction to a food you eat almost 3 weeks after you eat the food.  I think it is very difficult if not impossible for patients to make a connection to a food this disconnected from their symptoms.  At least it was not something that I was able to do after 15 years of treating myself for colitis.


Even after years of good treatment with all of the best natural medicines I still felt as if my health was unpredictable.  It was only after testing myself on my own IgG food panel that I found an allergy to egg which I had thought were fine for me!


Right after myself I tested my mom who had uncontrolled hypertension for fifteen years.  I had tried everything with her that I knew as a naturopathic doctor.  However nothing worked and I needed to put her on conventional high blood pressure medicines.  High blood pressure medicines can increase cancer risk and that happened to my mom also.


Upon testing her IgG allergens we found a severe egg allergy also.  Within two weeks after removing eggs her blood pressure was normal.  This is after 15 years of me trying everything I knew as a naturopathic doctor with almost 20 years of experience.  Not only did her blood pressure become normal but she has not had a return of cancer either.


After three years of doing this testing I see these types of results again and again.  I am convinced that the most important thing you can know about your health is your IgG allergens.  This reaction can put such a stress on your body that over time almost any disease can result from them.


I have done this test on my own children and many members of my family and extended family.  I have done several test on the same patient that wanted to see the effects of avoiding the allergens.  This test is very consistent and effective.


The hidden food allergen tests can even find reactions that don’t show up in other tests, including gluten reactions, showing you the entire allergy picture.