The Weakness of Chronic Illness

I was talking with a patient today about their struggles with chronic illness, and relating them to my own struggles in the years that I was most sick.
We agreed that probably the worst part of being sick is the feeling of weakness that comes with being sick.  It is a strange experience to watch hills become mountains, and obstacles to become dead ends.
One thing that naturopathic medicine means to me is the chance to reconnect with that inner felling of strength. Not only the feeling of strength but the ability to accomplish what I really want to do in life.
I look back on choices I made or didn’t make from this place of increased health and I am frustrated or disappointed to see how the quality of these choices was affected by the health conditions I was experiencing.
Having this perspective makes me convinced that it is vitally important to do whatever we need to do in order to feel our best.  Our future depends on the choices we make now.  If your body is imbalanced then your decisions will be also. 
One constant drain on our reserves are IgG food allergies.  Because these occur 1-4 days after being exposed to the foods you would never know if you have them. We can test for them in the office with a simple finger stick test card.
At my yearly BREAKTHROUGHS IN NATURAL MEDICINE  talk for 2012  I will discuss the latest insights in this and other subjects.  I will also make sure to bring IgG test kits and will do them at the lecture at cost.  I know that patients bring friends and family for this event from far away and use this as a chance to get tested.
Here is a note that I received from a patient.
I am glad you still finding out many new cures, you are the best and most compassionate doctor I know. Thank you for being there for all of the human race as you will have a profound impact on earth. Please put your information out in the world to help everyone.
I am committed in my talk to living up to Lee’s beautiful belief that I can influence the world in this way.   You can read the IgG booklet or register for the talk at