Where do I turn?

I know that I have asked that question at different points in my life. For those people that can get through life without that question I can only imagine that this is where the ancient ideas of karma came from. I don't really know about karma or not, that is not that point.

I do know about being confused and scared though. I know that this is what my patients are going through. I remember when I first had my symptoms of vaccine induced colitis. those vaccines that I received in the Marine Corps began a downward health spiral for me. It seemed as if no one had the answers.

I think that is when I decided that I wanted to be a person that helped someone find the answers to these questions. I am out a conference right now and at this expensive hotel there are two groups that keep taking the lobby with events. Investment banks and insurance companies. Maybe there is an investment bank version or insurance company version of the passion that I have for naturopathic medicine. Maybe, but evidence of it doesn't show here in the faces of these groups.

As I sought to recover my health I faced many versions of advice-givers. The worst was probably the "know it all". I tried to keep my sense of humor as someone confidently declared that some diet or drug would solve my problem. Of course there is nothing I didn't try from all vegetarian to all meat and everything in between.

That has effected my practice to. I know that no one answer is going to fit every problem that people come in with. I don't think that they would want it to. Everyone that is struggled with solving a health problem for themselves or the people they love deserves a unique and special approach to their healing.

I think this is why I get a sense of angst when I read about someone that has written the new breakthrough book on the single approach for you to take to get better. It is not just that I don't thing that the "one size fits all" approach is ineffective. It is not just that I want the years that I have spent learning to individualize a case to be important and have meaning. It is that I want for the patient that there years of struggles to have a resolution that brings meaning and insight to their lives.

Maybe all that we go through is meaningless but I prefer not to see it that way. I choose to live a life and a practice where I believe that the efforts I put into understanding the subtle difference between two cases, and between two people makes a lifetime of difference. Maybe there are other ways that other professions experience this passion. But I will never know them, because I am a naturopathic doctor. I am where sick people turn when the answer for everyone else is not the answer for them.