Homeopathy for Your (Real) Life

Homeopathy for Your Life.
People are now becoming more familiar with homeopathy for healing physical ailments. One example of this acceptance is the use of
Homeopathic arnica in plastic surgery.
Many studies have documented how arnica can accelerate healing. This is only of the uses of homeopathy however.
Just as the physical pain treated by arnica is a sign of a system out of balance. Other pain or discomfort that we experience is also a sign of imbalance. What people often don't realize is that the discomfort may be mental, emotional or physical. With homeopathy it doesn't matter. The mental and emotional discomforts may show up in relation to our work, or relationships to our partner, spouse, our kids, our finances or any other aspect of our life. What is not important is what we feels is causing the discomfort. What is important is the sensations, feelings or reactions that we are experiencing.
The goal of the prescriber is to simply take the symptoms and match them to the remedy. This is called constitutional prescribing because it takes all aspects of a persons life (or constitution) into account.
When a case is taken in this way, and the correct remedy is prescribed, it is amazing to see the profound changes, and profound healing that can result.