Weight loss secrets of naturopathic medicine.

We all know that weight loss is a big market, and there are a lot of people trying to profit on the discomfort associated with extra weight. Like most things I treat in practice I have some forst hand experience of this problem. Even though I lost a lot of weight when I had ulcerative colitis I was over weight by the time I graduated naturopathic medicine school.

My colitis began after receiving a vaccination in the marine corps. From that point over the next few years I went from 185 pounds of muscle to 140 of skin and bones. In a sense this was the body slamming on gas pedal and burning all of my reserves. After a years of the process my adrenal glands lost their ability to produce those stimulating hormones and my body began shutting down.

The shutting down process is like the body slamming on the brakes, and my weight increased correspondingly. My weight got as high as 220 pounds, and I had to switch from pants to overalls. Of course I didn't want to have this weight on me. I do a lot of lecturing and the first thing that people judge about you is your looks. More importantly that that to me was that my body didn't feel good.

It was at this point that I remembered a lecture that I had heard by Dr. Dennis Wilson, MD. Dr. Wilson was talking about his use of extended release T3 thyroid hormone resetting the thyroid hormonal system. The concept is pretty straight forward. The main thyroid hormone can go down one of two paths. It can create a hormone that stimulates the metabolism or one that suppresses the metabolism. It will choose the pathway that suppresses the metabolism under times of stress.

So here is the thing about weight loss. No matter how you do than it is going to be a stress on the body. You are either going to consume less calories or try and expend more calories than you are eating. In either case there is going to be a stress and your body is going to create the hormones that suppress your metabolism.

This is the reason that losing weight is so hard, and why I believe that we really need to use the thyroid hormone that stimulates that metabolism when we are actively trying to loose weight. The main concern about doing this is that is can aggravate symptoms is the case is not stable. To make sure that we have a good understanding of the case there are three things that I do with every case.
1. IgG food allergen test. (There is more about this on my blog and site.)
2. Neuroscience (Neurotransmitter and Adrenal Testing)
3. EKG (A measure of the electrical function of the heart)

If we have this information we can be confident that we have a full picture of the case and what is going on with a person's health. At that point we can use small doses of T3 to keep the metabolism up while the person is loosing weight. I know for myself this helped my go from my hight of 220 to my normal 180 pounds. More than that, it just helped me to feel good again, and to feel like myself.

Please note that all T3 prescriptions are written our of my Phoenix, AZ practice where my scope of practice as a naturopathic medical doctor allows for such prescriptions.