Obstacles To Healing


How do I heal? How do I get myself or my patient back to normal function? That is the question that I spend my life asking.

For me the question came up out of necessity. In the 1984 I developed my first symptoms of colitis after being vaccinated by the military. That began years of symptoms that progressed throughout my college years.

Of course I went to doctors, I went to the same doctors that I had been to as a kid, conventional medical doctors. (MDs). This was the only medical system that I had known my entire life, and was the same system of medicine that resulted in my vaccinations in the military.

My last meeting with a medical doctor about my case was in 1989. My and my wife figured the best thing to do was to go to the best medical doctor we could possibly find. So I went to a gastroenterologist that specialized in colitis. After a quick consultation and description of my symptoms he told me there was only one option. His option for me was to have my colon cut out and to spend the rest of my life on prescription drugs.

At that moment I realized that conventional medicine really had no option for me to cure my case. Even though I had experienced years of suffering with my symptoms this possibility had never occurred to me. It is amazing to think that a fairly intelligent person can spend years with the same symptom or worsening symptoms and not realize that they are running into a brick wall.

It is easy for us to look at people that believe in things that we dismiss as irrational or irrelevant and see how misguided they are. I have had the experience of being that person. I was one “yes” away from letting conventional medicine doctors remove one of my body’s vital organs. One step away from never being free from a hole in the side of my belly.

I don’t know why I stood up and walked away from that doctor and from conventional medicine at that point, but I did. I went down to my local library and looked up two words, “alternative and medicine”. I had never heard the phrase “alternative medicine” or “natural medicine”, not to mention anything about homeopathy or herbs. I just knew I needed an option at that point. The search brought up an article on naturopathic doctors. It talked about how they go to a four year medical school and learn both conventional medicine and natural medicine. That was 20 years ago for me now.

Having been sick in my life, the one thing I know for sure is that every thing is more difficult when you are ill. Every part of your being, mental, emotional and physical is affected. It is so easy for us to look at someone that has succeeded in their efforts and say that they were “motivated”. It is just as easy for us to look at someone that is struggling, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, socially or educationally and talk about how that person is unmotivated, uninspired, or just doesn’t have what it takes.

Our function is our destiny. If our digestion is not functioning properly, if your brain chemistry is not working properly, if you don’t feel well you will not do well. I am not talking here about acute illness, anyone can push through a single episode of illness. I am talking about chronic illnesses that debilitates and creates chronic deficiencies.

What I find is that after enough time, people stop trying to restore the normal function of their body and mind and start compromising their lives around their imbalances. They start finding ways to adjust their expectations, needs and desires to match their illness instead of the core truth of who they are.

I find it boring to work around a compromised existence, whether my own or my patients. I want to uncover, in myself and in others, that person who is free from the limitations of disease. I want to see how fast the horse can run without a pack on its back, I want to see how hight the eagle can soar without clipped wings.

This is the interesting part of practice and what excites me when I work with a person. My two favorite ways for doing this now are with IGG food allergy testing and with Neuroscience brain chemistry testing. I have consistently see that people that are ill have high IGG food allergens. IGG food allergens are interesting because they occur two to four days after being exposed and you would therefore never know if you had one. You would just have some sort of chronic symptom.

Neuroscience testing is a way we can see what is going on in the brain with a simple urine sample. Just seeing a patients serotonin level tells us so much about what is going on with them as a person. Much easier to move forward in life with the right fuel in the engine.