My own personal gluten story

Dear Michael, here is the synopsis of my relationship with gluten. At the age of 24 I was diagnosed with colitis. Let's simply say that after years of various forms of pain and suffering I was at the office of the top gastroenterologist in Manhattan. He gave me two options, take out my colon or die. Instead I went to my local library and looked up "alternative and medicine" ... it was 1989 . . no google :)

I learned about naturopathic medicine and went to a naturopathic doctor and started to get my feet under me. Literally back on my feet, as at my worst I would go to the bathroom dozen of times day and night. Naturopathic medicine gave me the only hope that I could get better and keep my colon. I went to naturopathic medical school to try and figure out why I was not able to completely heal. I went through four years of sixteen hour days at naturopathic medical school but at the end of it I was just as bad as when I had started. Very Frustrating.

I began what is now at 13 year practice as a naturopathic doctor and still couldn't figure out my digestion, moods, body aches or other assorted issues. Two years ago I put my mom on a gluten free diet just on a whim as she was having chronic digestive problems. She was cured. I put my brother that has Crohn's on a gluten free diet, it cured his Crohn's. My sister with MS was stool tested and came back of the charts for gluten antibodies and she is much better since eliminating gluten. Suffice to say gluten allergy, gluten sensitivity, or celiac, whatever you call it has caused me and my loved ones much pain and suffering.

Obviously in healing there are many factors. However, if the gluten sensitivity is not addressed then you will never have a truly cleared case, no matter what the illness or treatment. Over the last year I have tried a variety of approaches at understanding, testing, healing and solving the problem. It can make such a difference when the problem is understood.

Fondly - Steve