From Dr. Steve Nenninger ND, NMD, CD

I am tired of naturopathic medicine sometimes. To constantly have to
compensate for lack of proper function, compensating for something
that went out of balance years ago. I have spent hundreds of
thousands of dollars getting the naturopathic medicine and natural
medicines that I needed to figure out how to stay alive with colitis.
The best and worst I can say about naturopathic medicine at this point
is that it has allowed me to stay alive and stay out of the hands of
conventional medicine. To stay off of drugs and avoid surgery.
I am grateful for naturopathic medicine for these reasons, and a lot
of times I am frustrated with it for not giving me to insights I need
to cure every case every time. More difficult than anything is not
feeling as if I have completely cured my own case. I am hopeful that
I can find ways to have a deeper understanding in the future.